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Language Archive (with both popups and added Chinese glosses)

This Tujia language archive contains nearly three hours of audio material, which has been transcribed using a script based on the Pinyin system used for Mandarin Chinese, with a sentence by sentence free translation in both English and Chinese beneath. You can click on the numbers to the left of the text transcriptions to hear the audio data for a particular section of a text (this feature is only available when viewing with Internet Explorer). This is the full version, with popup glosses, designed for faster Internet connections. Move the mouse cursor over any word in the Tujia text to see a popup gloss for that word. To switch to the 'lite' version without popups, click here.

1: Formal story texts
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 The Story of General Xiang
    1.3 The Stories of Hero Tian and Duke Peng
    1.4 The Story of the Eight Kings
2: Informal story texts
    2.1 Celebrating the Shebajie Festival (Part 1)
    2.2 Celebrating the Shebajie Festival (Part 2)
    2.3 Hunting Duologue
    2.4 Tiger Stories
    2.5 Tufei Bandits in Longshan County (Part 1)
    2.6 Tufei Bandits in Longshan County (Part 2)
    2.7 Stories from Yongshun County
3: Conversations
    3.1 Remembering Our Childhood
    3.2 Daily Life in Pojiao Rural Township
    3.3 Daily Life in Tasha Rural Township
    3.4 Reminiscences about Tufei Bandits
4: Descriptive texts
    4.1 Describing Photos
5: Kujia song lyrics
    5.1 Kujia Song Cycle (Part 1)
    5.2 Kujia Song Cycle (Part 2)
    5.3 Other Kujia Lyrics
6: Songs and sayings
    6.1 Antiphonal Singing
    6.2 Short Songs
    6.3 Sayings
7: Procedural texts
    7.1 Making a Dongdongkui Flute
    7.2 Tujia New Year Customs
    7.3 Making Tangsa Crisped Rice Cakes
8: Speeches
    8.1 Two Speeches

Copyright (C) 2004 Philip & Cecilia Brassett