image: traditional Tujia brocade

Photo Archive

This page contains links to photos depicting various aspects of Tujia life. Move the mouse cursor over a thumbnail to get a brief description, and click on the thumbnail to see a full-size image.

History & Culture

Ancient Tujia citadel Zushidian temple Zushidian temple Bell inscription Giant footprint
Tima shaman ceremony Maogusi dancers Baishouwu dance performance Baishouwu dance performance Kujia at a family wedding
Recording a kujia performance Daliuzi performance Daliuzi performance Dongdongkui flute Child blowing dongdongkui flute

Village Life

Diaojiaolou Around the kitchen fire Old and new Preparing baba glutinous rice cakes
Tangsa crisped rice cakes Straw sandals Weaving Tujia brocade Xilankapu Tujia brocade

Around the Tujia Areas in Xiangxi Prefecture

Village view Dianfang Township Dianfang main street Xichehe covered bridge
Rural field scenery Remote hamlet Longshan hills Cave
Remote hamlet Water buffalo Yongshun scenery Mengdonghe river

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