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The following two texts are formal introductory speeches made at seminars convened for cadres largely drawn from the Tujia ethnic minority.


8.1.1: Economic Development
8.1.2: Zhangjiajie Seminar on the Tujia Ethnic Minority

8.1.1: Economic Development

Tian Xintao, Daba Township, Yongshun County
recorded on 05 August 2002

01 nga2 lei4 gui2zou1 ying2jian1 eng3qie2, hu3lang3-nie3 bi2zi1ka3 sa3li3-ma1, hu3be3-nie3 bi2zi1ka3 sa3li3-ma1, cong3qing2-nie3 bi2zi1ka3 sa3li3-ma1, hu2ni1 eng3jiu3.
Today, I have come to Yanjiang in Guizhou Province, along with Tujia cadres from Hunan, Hubei, and Chongqing. We're all here.
02 nga2 la2 ze2, ni2 la2 ze2, guo2 la2 ze2, yi2xi1 bi2zi1ka3-nie3 sa3 la2 li3.
A word from me, one from you, another from him; all that we talk about are Tujia matters.
03 zi3 ga2-duo3, li4 ga4-duo3; si3 ga2-duo3, zi4 long4-duo3; xi1ba1 da2-duo3, ce3ku1 ce4-duo3; cuo4 ong3-duo3, ka3mong3 se1-duo3;
We need to dig the soil so we can have rice to eat; we need to raise pigs so we can have meat to eat; we need to weave hemp, so we can have clothes to wear; we need to plant trees, so we can have homes to live in.
04 po3pa1-die1, pa2ni1-die1, re4bi2 re4biu2 be4-duo3; luo4ba1-die1, jie2ri1-duo3; qing3nie2-die1, ci1tu1-duo3; po2ga1-die1, cai3mo1 ri1-duo3.
Old folk need to look after their grandchildren; young men need to labour; children need to study; teachers need to teach well.
05 mu2la1, ga2-ci3 xie2, da2-ci3 xie2, la2 nie1 la2 nie1 ka1 ca2 lie3 ka1 ca2. qing3nie2 a4duo3 cai3mo1 ri1-duo3, gong2cang1dang1 ye4-bo3-duo3.
Nowadays we have food to eat and clothes to wear, and life is getting better day by day. From now on, we must continue to work hard, forever grateful to the Communist Party.
06 nga2-nie3 sa3 li3-ji2-liao3, hu2ni1 ca2, qing3nie2 yi3!
My speech is at an end: I wish you all the best and hope to see you again!

8.1.2: Zhangjiajie Seminar on the Tujia Ethnic Minority

Tian Xintao, Daba Township, Yongshun County
recorded on 05 August 2002

01 ga2me1-die1, zuo4ni3-die1, po2ga1-die1, ma3ma1-die1, se2ni2 ca2! lei4, nga2 zang1jia1jie2 eng3qie2, zang1jia1jie2-nie3 bi2zi1-nie3 sa3li3-nie3 yi2xi1-nie3.
Leaders, friends, teachers, ladies: greetings to you all! Today I have come to Zhangjiajie to attend the convention of the Zhangjiajie Tujia Research Society.
02 nga2, da3bie1 gong2cang1dang1 ang2zai1, ming3cu3 zeng2ce3 xiao2, bi2zi1ka3 sa3 za4-la1, bi2zi1ka3 [be2ka3] zi2zi1 zou1 nie1 cuo1 xiao2; bi2zi1ka3, be2ka3 zi2zi1 xian2 ge1 cuo1 xiao2.
First I would like to thank the Communist Party. Because of their minorities policy, the Tujia can manage their own affairs. We have two Tujia-Miao autonomous prefectures, and nine Tujia-Miao autonomous counties.
03 zang1jia1jie2-nie3 luo4 ca2, zang1jia1jie2-nie3 ce3, ha1ce1 ga2-xi2 ca2.
Zhangjiajie folk are very kind; the food here is good to eat and the water is good to drink.
04 pong3nie2, ang2ni1 huan3si3zai2 jing1bian1qi4 ge3ci2, ka3kuo3 gei1 qi4, me2 ga3ha2 si3-bo3 da4ze3, ka3kuo3 re4-xi3tai2,
Yesterday, we went sightseeing at Huangshizhai and Jingbianqi; the trees were huge, reaching towards the skies, and the forest was very beautiful.
05 wo3ta2 luo4die1 ge3du1 ge3ci2-nie3 luo4 ri3di2ri3ga2, hu2ni1 ge3ci2-lie3 song1kuo1-bo3 xi1ma3 la.
Very many tourists come here from other areas, and all of them linger, forgetful of home.
06 pong3ni2 la3tie2, ang2ni1 xiu2hua3sang1 la1 ba4, cuo4 wo2tu1 po1-bo3-xi2 nie2pong1, xi3tie2, cuo1ke1, xi1ba1, xi1lang1 re4di3re4ga2, ge4 yi2xi1 bi2zi1ka3 luo4die1 ri1-bo3-xi2.
Yesterday evening we visited the Xiuhuashan Museum. Inside, beautiful beds, tables, chairs, clothes, and quilts were on display, all the work of Tujia people.
07 bi2zi1ka3 hong1qing3yuan2 cuo4 su2-bo3-xi2 ca2di3ca2ga2, ki2zuo4 li4hong3jing2 nie1 long1 ci1tu1, la2 long1 cuo4 su2-xi2 luo1you1 da4ze3, guo2 bi2zi1ka3-nie3 ki2zuo4 tie2ba1.
The Tujia buildings in Hongqingyuan Park were well-constructed. Li Hongjin, a carpenter with only two years of schooling, built the whole village-like complex in just a year; he is truly a great Tujia craftsman.
08 mu2la1, bi2zi1ka3 ga2-ci3 xie2, da2-ci3 xie2, ge3ci2-xi2 be2 xie2, bi2zi1ka3-nie3 luo4 ka1 ca2 lie3 ka1 ca2.
Nowadays the Tujia have food to eat and clothes to wear. They can even enjoy leisure activities; life for the Tujia is getting better every day.
09 qing3nie2, hu2ni1 da4ha3 cai3mo1 ri1-bo3; nga2 a4duo3 dang1zong1yan1 ling1dao1 xia2 cai3mo1 ri1-duo3.
Let us all continue to work hard in days to come; I, too, must continue to work hard under the leadership of the Party.
10 nga2 ni2-nie3 sa3 li3-ji2-liao3, ang2zai1, ang2zai1, qing3nie2 yi3!
My words are coming to an end: Thank you! Thank you! Goodbye!






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