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2.2: Celebrating the Shebajie Festival (Part 2)

Peng Wugen, Dianfang Township, Longshan County
recorded on 20 July 2002

This text contains the second 10% of the account begun in the previous text.

01 eng1di1 bao1bu1 wu1 si3 za1 xie2 la, dian1mei1dian1, wu1 si3. B: wo4-ji2-liao3. A: wo4-ji2-liao3 hang, ai1lie1 da4ha3 lao2zi1 le, da4 mian3hua3 [cou1] tu1, mian3hua3 la2 pong2 la2 pong2 mo3 tu1-xie2!
We've got fifty loads of maize here, a 'mere' fifty. B: We've brought them all. A: All here, and tomorrow we will pick cotton together, bush by bush!
02 tu1-bo3-xi2 ca2-duo3, ta4 bie1li3, tong3... tong3qian3... B: tu1-ji2-liao3 o!
You must pick carefully, don't drop any. (sound of picking cotton) B: All picked!
03 A: luo2tie1 huo3lie3 cu4-bo3 mang, luo2tie1 mang4-liao3 tai2? B: mang4-liao3. A: ni2-nie3 luo2tie1 mang4-liao3 tai2? C: mang4-liao3. A: guo2-nie3 mang4-liao3? D: mang4-liao3. A: tu1-ji2-liao3 hang, tu1-ji2-liao3, da4 hhi2 ya! eng3heng1 ao1hao3 ao1hao3....
A: Put it in the bag. Is the bag full yet? B: Yes. A: Is your bag full yet? C: Yes. A: Is his one full? D: Yes. A: We've finished, finished picking, let's go. (sound of people calling)
04 ei1ya1! eng1 ga4 nie1 gi3 le, hang2 gi3! qing3mo1 hang2 gi3! si... ei1ya1! ai1 da4 lian3sui3 la2 ze2 hu3-pie3, lian3sui3 la2 ze2 hu3-pie3. B: hu3-ji2-liao3.
Hey! These last few days have been hot, so hot! Why is it so hot? (sound of someone whistling for wind) Hey, let's go and drink some cold water first, drink some cold water first. B: That's enough.
05 A: ang2 da4 hhi2-hu3, a2guo1 ca2, huo4jiao3-die1, huo4jiao3-die1 hhi2-hu3 la! ta4 ong3-bo3-gu2, da4 a2guo1 ca2, song1kuo1-hu3!
A: Let's go, good friends, friends, friends, let's go! Don't just keep sitting there, we are friends, let's go back together!
06 heng! ya! ei1ya1! ai1cuo1... hei1huo1... ai1lie1 da4 cu1 ye4-liao3 ba!
Hey! Ho! Come on! Come on! Let's get back home!
07 ngao2 ngao2 huan4-liao3 ba! ba3 huan2 gu3-ji2-liao3, ai1lie1 huan2 kuai2huo1-liao3, ai1lie1 kuai2dang1-liao3. cu1 lao3gu1lie1 ga4 ji3-lang2hu3, ai1lie1 cu1 la2-bo3, bu1se1 huo3lie3 lang3lang2-bo3.
Over the saddle of the hill! We've finally finished climbing up the slope, we're happy now, it's going to be quick now. Home is only a little way away, we'll unload the cotton at home, and put it on bamboo mats to dry in the sun.
08 lang3lang2-bo3, tian1qi1 ca2, lang3lang2-bo3, mian3hua3 huan2 lang3lang2-xi2 ca2, lang3lang2-lie3 ci3-duo3 ming. ca2-liao3 meng, ci3-liao3 meng, you2 da4 mian3hua3 za2-duo3, tang3-duo3 meng.
Let it dry in the sun, the weather is good, let it dry, it always drys well in the sun, when it is dry we need to card it. Good, all the seeds are out, next we have to spin it and then fluff it.
09 ai1lie1 nga2 tang3-adiu2, dian2 huo3lie3, ni2 dian2 huo3lie3 tang3-adiu2 le, tang3-adiu2, tang3-adiu2. ni2 mian3hua3 za2 mang, lao4reng3ga3-die1 mang! B: ai1me1 nga2 mian3hua3 za2. ai! rang2... pian3tong3...
I will come and fluff it, we'll use the electric [machine], use electricity to fluff it, come and fluff it. You spin the cotton, old folk! B: Right, I'll spin some. (sound of spinning)
10 za2-ji2-liao3 o! mian3hua3 eng1 ga4 nie1, ga4 pe1 lie3 guo2 za2, suo1 pe1 lie3 za2-ji2-liao3, za2-ji2-liao3, A: ca2!
All spun! It's taken us several nights to get it spun, three nights and it's finished, all spun! A: Good!
11 ai1 jiu1 ao1 la2-bo3, jian1si3-bo3. ai1lie1 meng ci1ka1-hu3 mang, huo4jiao3-die1, ai1lie1 ci1ka1-hu3 meng! da4 qing3mo1 gao1-i le?
Put it down here, to store. It's almost time to celebrate New Year. Friends, let's celebrate New Year! What should we do together?
12 song2ga1 bu2, wu1suo1 ga4 bu2 xie2, song2ga1 huo3lie3 bu2-xie2 mang! song2ga1 huo3lie3 ba1ba1 bu2-duo3, ci1ka1-hu3 mang, ce3ka3 ci1ka1 ming!
Pound it, here's some millet, pound it! Use the pounding apparatus to pound some 'baba' [glutinous rice cakes], it's almost New Year, New Year!
13 ce3ka3 ci1ka1 me jiu1 da4 ba1ba1 la2 suo2 bu2-duo3 ming! ba1ba1 la2 suo2 bu2-ci3 tai2 me, ni2 bu2 suan2 ce3ka3 ci1ka1, ni2 qie4 ce3ka3 ci1ka1?
Let's celebrate New Year, we must pound some 'baba' cakes together! If you don't have a pounder to prepare 'baba' with, how can you celebrate New Year, how can you celebrate New Year?
14 ni2 ba1ba1 bu2-alie3 jiu1 da4ha3, la1cuo1la1lai1 da4, hu2ni1 da4 ong3-bo3 mo3, da4ha3, ai! ni2 kuai2kuai1huo3huo3 mo3 ci1 la2 long1 ka1 ya ming!
When you've pounded the 'baba', then each family together, each family sits down together. Have a happy time celebrating New Year!
15 ca2! se2 nie1 hhi3 da4 bu2. B: ca2! jing2a1 kuan3tang3... kuan3tang3 za2-bo3 luo, jing1 duo3 hang2 ta4 gao1. C: sou2 la, za2-bo3-la1-hu3, ni2 a3-duo3 hang.
Good, you two pound together. B: OK! (sound of pounding) Tread properly, don't tread it anyhow. C: Right! I'm treading it now, you take the pounded rice out.
16 B: lao3ga3 ai1 ba3ti3 he3-lu3, nga2 a3-i hang, ni2 za2-bo3, cai3mo1 za2-bo3 la! ni2 po1-liao3 si1 nga2 jie2 ong1-da2 la! jie2 bu1luo3-liao3 si1 da4 bu2die1 xia1xi1, ye3 duo3 ri1-bu1ceng3 la! C: sou2!
B: A big piece has slipped down [to the bottom of the hole], I'll go and get it. You tread it, tread it well! If you stop, I won't lend a hand! If you take your hand off [the apparatus], I will get hurt and I won't be able to do anything. C: Right.
17 ca2! A: ni2 bu2-ji2-liao3 tai2? B: bu2-ji2-liao3. A: ai1lie1 da4, ai1lie1 jiu1 bu2-ji2-liao3 hang, bu2-ji2-liao3 me ai1me1 ni2 qie1hhe1 bu2!
OK! A: Have you finished pounding? B: Done. A: Now, we've all finished pounding, all finished, now we need to pound glutinous rice!
18 qie1hhe1 be2 hai3si2 ga4 si3 bu2-duo3, sang1mi1 la2bie1 ri1-duo3, ba1ba1 la2bie1 ri1-duo3! qie1hhe1 bu2! B: sou2! A: ni2 guo2 luo3kuan3 bei1luo3 huo3lie3 wo4-xie2!
We also need to pound several litres of glutinous rice, we need to make some 'tangsa' crisped rice cakes, and make some 'baba' glutinous rice cakes. Pound the glutinous rice! B: OK! A: Use baskets and back-baskets to bring it here!
19 ai1 ka2ti1-ku3li1 huo3lie3 wo4-xie2, ka2ti1-ku3li1 huo3lie3 la2 wo3 wo4-xie2! ni2 zao2 reng3 qie1hhe1 la2 si3 zai2-lang2 bu2.
Use a small back-basket to bring it, use a small back-basket to bring a load over here. Pounding only a litre of glutinous rice for each person isn't enough.
20 ei! la2 si3 pu1ci3, gai4 di4 le? B: ong1 si3, luo4 la2 hu3 ong1 si3-duo3, luo4 la2 hu3 ong1 si3, a1ci3-ku3li1, a1ci3-ku3li1 ong1 si3 di4, mao3mao3ka3ka3 ta3hong2! A: a1ci3-ku3li1 ong1 si3, a1ci3-ku3li1 ong1 si3. B: ai1 nga2 ni2 bo3 bu2 o!
Hey, one litre is not enough, how much should we have? B: Five litres, we need five litres per person, five litres each, husked rice, we need five litres of husked glutinous rice, we don't want any impure stuff! A: Five litres of husked rice, five litres of husked rice. B: I'll pound it for you!
21 nga2, ni2 ai1 song2ga1 tai2 me! A: song2ga1 me ai1di1 eng1ge1 tian3ga3wan1 li1-nie3 tian3 jia1ka1 cu1 xie2 hang. ai1 se2-ka3 cu1, tian3 jia1ka1 cu1, ai1 se2-ka3 cu1 song2ga1 yi2 jia1 xie2, ni2 le ai1 cu1 bu2-i.
I, there's no pounding apparatus at your place! A: A pounder, the Tian family in Tiangawan has one. That family surnamed Tian, that family has a pounder, go and pound it there.
22 B: ca2! kuan3tang3 kuan3tang3... jing2a1... ei1ya1! gu1ce3 duo3 zu2-liao3, nga2 die3 bu2 mo3, ni2 le ga4 dong2 bu2 luo.
B: OK! (sound of pounding) Hey! I'm covered in sweat from pounding, you pound for a bit.
23 C: luo4ba1-die1 la4 tai2 ya. B: ai1 jiu1 si1. C: ai1 jiu1 nga2 le bu2. B: ni2 qie4 bu2-ti2, qie4. A: teng2, luo4ba1-die1 da4 teng2, da4ze3 luo4ba1-die1 bu2si1?
C: As a man, why don't you have any staying power? B: That's right. C: I'll pound a bit. B: But you can't do it. A: Stop bickering, aren't we all men?
24 nga2 le bu2-gu2, song2ga1 bu2, hang2 lao1huo4-liao3. B: ni2 bu2-xie2 le. hang kuan3tang3 kuan3tang3...
I'll pound now, with the pounder, it is tiring. B: You come and pound! (sound of pounding)
25 ni2 ri1-de1xi3, xie1qi1 ca2, xie1qi1 ca2. A: bu2-ji2-liao3, bu2-ji2-liao3, ni2 za2-bo3, qie1hhe1 bu2-ji2-liao3, ca2-liao3.
You can do it, you're strong, you're strong. A: The pounding's done, done, you tread it, all the glutinous rice has been pounded.
26 da4 hhi2-hu3, ba1ba1 bu2-duo3 mang, ai1me1 da4 ba1ba1 bu2, sang1mi1 la1 ri1-pie3 o! sang1mi1 ri1-i, eng1 ga4 nie1 sang1mi1 ri1, sang1mi1 ri1. B: ca2! ca2! ca2!
Let's go, we have to pound some 'baba', let's pound it together, but first make some 'tangsa' crisped rice cakes. We have to make 'tangsa', make 'tangsa' over these few days, make 'tangsa'. B: OK, OK, OK!
27 A: sang1mi1 luo4 la2 hu3 hi2 ci3, ai2 si3 kuai1 zai2-lang2 ri1, a1ri1 ta4 ri1, ai2 si3 kuai1, ai2 si3 kuai1, luo4 la2 hu3 ai2 si3 kuai1, ai1 ri1 mang, ai1 da4 ri1, tong4-xi2 tong4 luo, ni2 bong4 duo1-xie2! ce3 tu2-duo3, ka3 wu2-duo3!
A: Ten cakes of 'tangsa' each, make about twenty each, don't make more than twenty. Twenty pieces, twenty pieces each, make them now. Let's work together, those who're steaming get on with steaming, you set up the steamer! You need to fill it with water, you need to light the firewood!
28 ai1 yi2 be1 kuai1 xiao2 wa tai2-nie2? B: xiao2. A: yi2 be1 kuai1, yi2 be1 kuai1 sang1mi1. B: sang1mi1 yi2 be1 kuai1 xiao2, gei4diu2 o! A: ca2! yi2 be1 kuai1 xiao2, gei4diu2, gei4diu2, ai1lie1 da4 ba1ba1 bu2-i ya, ai1 jiu1 da4 ba1ba1 bu2 eng!
We have one hundred cakes now, is that enough? B: Enough. A: One hundred cakes, one hundred cakes of 'tangsa'. B: One hundred cakes of tangsa is enough, plenty for now. A: Good, one hundred cakes, that's plenty, plenty, let's go and pound the glutinous rice, let's go and pound the glutinous rice!
29 B: qi2du1 bu2-i le? A: ci1ka1-nie3 ai2 si3 sang1 le bu2-i, ci1bi2 ka1, ci1bi2 ka1 le bu2 ya, ci1bi2 ka1 le ba1ba1 bu2-i-hu3! ai1lie1 da4 ai2 si3 ba2 me, ai2 si3 jiu1 wa, ci1ka1 me jiu1 da4 xian2-di ga2 hang ang. B: sou2!
B: When shall we pound it? A: We'll pound it on the twenty-third day of the month before New Year, during 'Little New Year'. During 'Little New Year', we'll pound it during 'Little New Year'! Then on the twenty-eighth and the twenty-ninth, over New Year, we'll eat what we've made. B: Yes!
30 A: ai2 si3 sang1 le ba1ba1 bu2. bu2-duo3-hu3, qi2 gu3-ji2-liao3 wa, qi2 gu3-ji2-liao3, gu3-ji2-liao3 ba1ba1 cao3 wo1 mang!
A: On the twenty-third we pound 'baba'. Let's start pounding, we've finished steaming, we've finished steaming, that's done, now wash the 'baba' trough!
31 ai1 se2 qian1ngai4 lian1 hu3 ba1ba1 bu2, se2 qian1ngai4 lian1 hu3 ba1ba1 bu2 o! ma3ma1-die1 me ba1ba1 lao4 tie2 luo, se2 qian1ngai4 lian1 hu3 ba1ba1 lao4 bu2, ma3ma1-die1 me ba1ba1 lao4 tie2 ang.
You two brothers, pound the 'baba', you two brothers, pound the 'baba'! The women will shape the 'baba' cakes, you two brothers pound the 'baba', the women will shape the 'baba' cakes.
32 B: sou2 la! A: ai1 ni2 la2 ha2 ha3-xie2 mang. B: ha3-diu2. A: tu2 luo, bu2 o! tang3a3, guo2 you2 eng1ge1 dang3a3...
B: Right! A: Now you go and fetch a basket of winnowed rice. B: I've brought it. A: Pour it out and pound it! (sound of pounding) He's hitting from that side. (sound of pounding)
33 B: bu2 mo3 ca2-liao3 eng. A: eng1 la1 suo2 a3-lie3 ba ang, ni2 ai1 xiao2tiao1 huo3lie3 xiao2 mang. xiao2, xiao2-lie3 ni2 bo1zuo1 ga3 la2-lie3 jiu1, meng ai1 ma3ma1-die1 jiu1 tie2 heng, tie2-lie3 meng la2 ci3 la2 ci3 ri1 heng.
B: That's enough. A: Go and take what has been pounded, and use this shoulder pole to carry it. After carrying it, put it on the grindstone and then the women can make the cakes, they can make them one by one.
34 ei1ya1! ai1lie1 da4ha3 ba1ba1 ya xiao2, sang1mi1 ya xiao2, qing3mo1 gao1-i le? ba1ba1 sang1mi1 xiao2 me jiu1 ci1ka1 heng, ai1 da4 ci1ka1 heng, ci1ka1 a.
Hey! Now we have enough 'baba', and enough 'tangsa', what shall we do next? We have enough 'baba' and 'tangsa', so let's celebrate New Year, New Year, celebrate together.
35 lei4 die3 ai2 si3 sang1, ci1ka1 ai1 ga4 nie1 xie2-nie2.
Today is the twenty-third, there are still a few days until New Year.
36 ei1ya1! ni2 eng1di1, eng1di1, eng1di1, eng1di1 da3guo1 bo3 zuo4 la2 hu3 lao4 a3-pie3-duo3, zuo4 ming a3-pie3-duo3, zuo4 a3-pie3-duo3, guo2 zuo4 a3-pie3-duo3!
Hey! You first need to get a wife for this chap, first find a wife, first find a wife, he needs a wife first!
37 ci1ka1 yi1qian3 a3-lie3-gu2, cun1tian1 ye4-liao3 you2 da4 ye3 ri1-duo3, gao1-ta1-bie1. a3-lie3-gu2, a3-lie3-gu2, ai1me1 ni2 guo2 mei3reng3 da4ha3 sang1lian3 la2 ba4-i le.
He needs to marry before New Year; once spring comes there will be lots of work to do, there won't be time to find him a wife then. Get him married now, get him married now, you discuss things with the matchmaker.
38 suo1yi1 jiu1 da4, ai1me1 jiu1 da4ha3 guo2 bo3, guo1guo1 tie2ba1 wa, luo3ga3ni2 la2 hhi3 se1li3-duo3. luo3ga3ni2 guo2 a3-xie2-gu2, luo3ga3ni2 guo2 a3-lie3-gu2 le.
So together, together let's look for a wife. we need to find a wife for him, elder brother, ourselves. Find a wife for him now, find a wife for him now.
39 ai1 ni2 mei3reng3 ni1-xie2! B: mei3reng3 nga2 jie3-i, nga2 jie3-i, nga2 jie3-i. ai1 da3jie1, ni2 la2, ni2 la2 ong1, ang2 da4xi4 ti3-duo3. M: qing3mo1 da4xi4 yo?
You go and get the matchmaker! B: I'll call her, I'll call the matchmaker, I'll call: Sister, we need you to take a moment to help us. M: How can I help?
40 B: ang2 da4 ge4 cu1 eng1ge1, eng1ge1, ang2 pii2-ka3 cu1 yi2 zuan1 hhi2 luo. ang2 guo2 ang2-nie3 pii2 a3-lie3-gu2 luo.
B: Let's go to their house together, we'll take a walk to the prospective daughter-in-law's home. We've now got a daughter-in-law.
41 ang2, ni2 lei4 ci1ka1 ai2 si3 sang1, ang2ni1 la2ye1 sang1 si3 le la1cuo1la1lai1 da4 tuan3yan3-lie3-hu3, la2ye1 sang1 si3 tuan3yan3, la2ye1 sang1 si3 tuan3yan3, ai1 jiu1 la2ye1 sang1 si3 tuan3yan3.
Today, we are celebrating 'Little New Year', the twenty-third. On the thirtieth of the month, every household will have a family reunion, on the thirtieth there will be family reunions, on the thirtieth there are family reunions, on the thirtieth of the last month they have family reunions.






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