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2.1: Celebrating the Shebajie Festival (Part 1)

Peng Wugen, Dianfang Township, Longshan County
recorded on 20 July 2002

This text represents the first 10% of a mammoth 75-minute account of the economic and cultural life of the Tujia. Mr Peng describes the annual Spring shebajie festival, which is centred round the baishouwu (literally 'hand-waving') dance. The story is continued in the next text. Note the relatively high frequency of Chinese loan words used in this text, even by such a fluent Tujia speaker.

01 A: lei4 ge3ci2 ou, ge3ci2-i-hu3 la, ge3ci2-ma1 xie2 tai2 ou? xie2-ma1 kuai2 eng3zi3-duo3-hu3, ang2 si1 gao1-hu3 la! B: se2 qie4 gao1-i? A: ang2ni1 se1pa1se1-i! B: kei3 a?
A: Today let's have fun, let's have fun! Anyone coming to join in? Those who want to come, come quickly, we are about to start! B: What are you doing? A: We are going to celebrate the 'Sheba' festival! B: Where?
02 A: ei1 lao4 di2dian1 la1 se1-i ma, jiu1 ai1 se1pa1 ke1hao1, ai1 da2tian1 wo2tu1 gao1-i. B: la2 long1 hi4lie3 ai1 wo2tu1 gao1 wa! ni2 lao4reng3ga3-die1, ang2ni1 be2 hhi2, lei4 la3tie2 yi2si1 ai1 wo2tu1 gao1-i.
A: We will go to the usual place, on the col over there, in that big field. B: Every year we hold it there! You old folk, we are going too, tonight we are all going.
03 A: ca2! ai1me1, ni2 he3luo2 be2 huo3-di2-duo3 le! B: he3luo2 huo3-i-di2. A: da2gu1 be4-xie2! B: da2gu1 nga2 be4-i-di2.
A: Good! So, you'll need to bring gongs and drums! B: I'll bring them. A: Bring the big drum! B: I'll bring it.
04 A: ei1 la2 nie1, ai1di1 ta1nie3ku3 zi4 bu2-bo3-xi2 la! ai1di1 leng3tong3tong1 ni2 guo2 ke4-i-di2-duo3, se2 luo4ba1 re1 la1hu3 luo! re1 long3 da4 ke4-xie2, ke4-di2-ta1ti1? B: ke4-de1xi3. A: ke4-de1xi3 hang. B: ke4-i-di2!
A: That pig we killed during the day, you need to scald off the bristles. The four of you, bring it here. The four of you can fetch it; do you think you will be able to manage? B: No problem. A: You can! B: We will bring it!
05 A: gang1pe1 me nga2 ta1nie3ku3-lie1 ga4-bo3 re1 zi2 xie2, ai1 re1 zi2 huo3lie3 ke4-xie2, ba3 gu3-bo3. ming3zong3zong1 di4 la, ni2 nga2 ta4 gao1-si3 la! B: gao1-si3-ta1, re4kuo3kui1 re4kuo3kui1 huo3-di2.
A: Those sticks, I cut them during the day, there are four of them, use them to carry it up the mountain. Ming Zongzong wants them, you mustn't spoil them! B: I won't spoil them, I'll bring them ever so carefully.
06 A: ba3zi2 ta4 pa3 o! B: ca2! A: nga2 zi1ge1 zun1bei3-hu3, se2 ta1nie1-lie1 eng3qie2. B: ca2! si3ya3si3ya3 eng3zi3 a! A: he3luo2 ha3-bo3 eng3zi3-duo3 la! lao2re1-duo3 hang! a, qing3gu1lian1 tai2 ba! B: sou2 la!
A: Don't get them muddy! B: OK! A: I'll go first to prepare, you follow along afterwards. B: OK! (sound of walking) We're here! A: You need to beat the drums and gongs when you come, liven it up!
07 A: ai da4 ri1-i yo! B: ri1-hu3! ri1-hu3! A: nga2 ge3 yi2si1 bai4-hao1-liao3! a3nie3! ang2-nie3 tu1wan3-nie3 eng1di1 pu3sa3 be2 ang2ni1 bo3 bai4-bo3-la1-hu3.
But where's the bride? [joke] B: True! A: Let's start work! B: Let's begin, let's begin! A: I've put everything out! Ah! I've also put out our Tuwang [ancestor] god.
08 tu1wan3 pu3sa3 bai4-liao3 ang, ai1lie1, ni2 ai1lie1 da2 zuo2zi1 yi2 zang1 bai4-bo3 ang, bai4-bo3! B: bai4-liao3. A: ca3pang3 le? B: bai4-liao3. A: ca3pang3 wo2tu1-lie1, ni2 ai1 tang3si3 guo1ping1 ta4 si1ma3 la! B: si1ma3-ta1.
Tuwang is set up, now, you put up a big table, set it up! B: Done. A: And the wooden tray? B: Done. A: Don't forget to put some sweets and fruit on the tray! B: I won't forget.
09 A: ni2 xian1 guan2 nie1 long3 gao1-bo3, xian1 guan2guan1, ai1di1, ai1di1 ti1ku1 nie1 long3 bai4-bo3! B: bai4-liao3. A: xian1 le? B: wo3 zi2 luo, yi2ha1lie1 wo3 zi2 luo, guan2guan1 lao4 wo2tu1 suo1 zi2 luo, nie1 zi2 le jiu1 wo3 zi2.
A: You fix a couple of incense jars, those incense jars, put out those two jars. B: Done. A: What about the incense? B: Six sticks, six sticks altogether, three in each jar, two jars, that makes six.
10 A: ci1ki1ta1 ga4 hhi1 huo3-xie2! eng ao, pao2zu1 ya ga4 bu2 huo3-xie2! B: ca2! ca2! ca2! nga2 kai1si4-hu3.
A: Get a few sheets of paper! Hmm, and bring a few firecrackers. B: OK, OK, OK! I'm ready to start.
11 A: ca2! ni2 re2 zu1zu4-bo3, zu1-hao1 tai2 yo? B: zu1-hao1-liao3. A: luo4ba1-die1 le? B: luo4ba1-die1 zu1-hao1-liao3. A: ma3ma1-die1 le? B: ma3ma1-die1 ye4-ji2-liao3. A: ni2 ai1 bo1li3-die1 le? B: bo1li3-die1 yi2si1 ta1nie1 a!
A: Good! You put the wine out, have you done it yet? B: Done. A: And the men? B: They're standing there ready. A: And the women? B: The women have arrived. A: How about the children? B: The children are following behind!
12 A: a! za2si1 ma! ai! la3tie2 me yi2 zai2zi1 ming! la2 cuo4 la2 hu3 ka4-lie3 me, yi2si1 song1kuo1-ji2-diu2, yi2si1 lao2re1 ba4-diu2 wa ming! ai! zun1bei3-le! ang2ni1 zi1ge1 re1 la1hu3 o gang1pe1 za4-bo3. ni2 die3 qie4?
A: Excellent! Tonight the whole village is here! Leave someone from every household to keep watch, the rest can all come to join in the fun. Everything's ready! The four of us, we'll be in front holding the sticks. What on earth are you doing?
13 ang2cuo1hao3hai3! zao4gu1li1 xian1seng1 la xia2sang1-liao3 lu. ai1cuo1hao3cuo1hai3! suan2ming1zi1 xian1seng1 xia2sang1-liao3 ao! cai3seng3-di pu3sa3 xia2sang1-liao3 lia! zou2gong1-di pu3sa3 ba3 da3-liao3 lia! hou...
Come on! In the morning, the men have come down from the mountains. Come on! Come on! The fortune-teller has come down from the mountains! The god of wealth has come down from the mountains! The god of labour has come down from the mountains!
14 pu3sa3 da3-diu2 la! B: kei3 ya? A: ai1 da3-diu2, da3-diu2, da3-diu2, pu3sa3 da3-diu2 wa, suan2ming1 seng3xian3 ba3 da3-liao3!
The gods have come down! B: Where? A: They're coming down, coming down, the gods are coming down. The immortal fortune-teller has come down from the mountains!
15 hai1cuo1! hai1cuo1! a2guo1-die1 ai! ai1di1 cai3seng3 pu3sa3 you2 ye4-liao3, you2 ye4-liao3! a2guo1-die1! ai1cuo1! ai1cuo1! ai1ai1cuo1! hou
Come on! Come on! Friends! The god of wealth has also come, he's arrived! Friends! Come on, come on, come on!
16 ye4-liao3 wa! ye4-liao3! ca2! ca2! ai1 da4ha3 pu3sa3 jing2-hu3. zi4-ba1 ke4-i-xie2, zi4-ba1 ke4-i-xie2, zi4-ba1 leng3tong3 ke4-i-xie2, ke4-diu2 o.
They've arrived, arrived! Great! Great! Now let's worship the gods together. Bring the pig, bring the pig, bring the prepared pig. Look, they're bringing it.
17 eng eng eng... cai3mo1 ke4! B: qie4 ca2! nga2 ke4-ce1, nga2 ke4-ce1. A: ni2 ke4-ce1 huo, ta4 la2 la, la2-ti2! pu3sa3 ye1 eng3zou2, cai3mo1 ke4! eng eng, kuai2dian1 da2 zuo2zi1 zi1ge1 ti1-bo3, ti1-bo3, la2-bo3, la2-bo3.
... Bring it carefully! B: That's OK, I can carry it, I can carry it. A: You can do it, don't drop it, don't drop it! The gods are here, carry it carefully! Bring it quickly and put it in front of the big table, put it down, put it down.
18 ang "ai1 tu1wan3 pu3sa3, ang2ni1 ai1lie1, ang2ni1 eng1di1, ang2ni1 meng eng1di1 tu1jia1zu3-nie3 lao1be3xing1-die1, lao4reng3ga3-die1, yi2si1 ni2 bo3 pu3sa3 jing2-liao3 wa!
"O Tuwang, here we are, ordinary Tujia folk,
19 ni2 meng ang2ni1 bao1hu3-bo3 o! ang2ni1 meng ai1lie1 la2 long1 la2 long1 yi2si1 ao1-bo3 yi3, kei2-bo3 hhi2 duo3 hong3huan4 ao, ba3ti3 da3-lie3,
our ancestors, we all bow to you! May you protect us! We come to meet you here every year, so that wherever we go, things will go smoothly, when we go back down,
20 ang2ni1 bing2 tai2 la, ga2-ci3 xie2, hu3-ci3 xie2, da2-ci3 xie2-duo3 o! ang2ni1 bao4-bo3 o! ni2 ang2ni1 bo3 bao4 o! ang2ni1 you1xing1 ang2 ni2 bo3 pu3sa3 jing2-di2-xi2 o!
we won't be sick, we'll have enough to eat and drink, and enough clothes to wear! Protect us! Protect us! We are sincere, we have set out to worship you!
21 lei4 la3tie2pe2lu1, lei4 nie4 nie1lu1, zao2gu1-nie3 si1hu1, zao2gu1-nie3 pu3sa3, ni2 ang2ni1 bao4-bo3, ni2 lei4 la3tie2, ang2 ni2 qing4-alie3, ni2 long3jia1 ye4-liao3 o!"
This evening, today is Nielu, our protectors, beloved gods, protect us, this evening we have come to invite you, you who have already gone to the netherworld!"
22 hai! hai! ai1cuo1! ai1cuo1! suan2ming1 seng3xian3 ba3 da3-liao3. zao4gu1li1 seng3xian3 ba3 da3-liao3. B: hai! zeng1di1hua1, ba3 da3-liao3, zeng1di1hua1 ye4-liao3 wa!
Come on! Come on! The immortal fortune-teller has come down from the mountains. This morning, the immortals have come down from the mountains. B: Hey, it's true, they've come down, it's true, they're here!
23 A: ang2cuo1! ang2cuo1! ye3 ga2-i-hu3! B: ye3 kei2 ga2-i? A: tu1di2tang3 ga2-i.
A: Come on! Come on! Let's start eating! B: Where shall we eat? A: We will eat at the Earth God's shrine.
24 zi4-ba1 ke4 o! da2guo1zi1 duo1-bo3, a3ba3 suo1 bu2 duo1-bo3, a3ba3 suo1 bu2 duo1, ka3 kuo1lie1 ga3 duo1-bo3. kuai2dian1! kuai2dian1! mi4 luo2, mi4 luo2, duo1-ma1 duo1!
Bring the pig! Put the big pot down, put it on top of three stones, put the stones down, and put some firewood on the stove! Quickly, quickly, light the fire, light the fire, those responsible for this, get on with it!
25 hu2ni1 da4, la2 cuo4 la2 su1, la2 cuo4 la2 hu3, ang2ni1 yi2 guo2 zai2zi1 si1 wu1 si3 jiu1 guo2, wu1 si3 jiu1 guo2, jiu1 wu1 si3 jiu1 jia1. ang2ni1 la2 ma1 la2 hu3 ga2, qie3bi2pang1lang1 yi2si1 guo2duo3 guo2duo3 huo3-xie2!
All of us together, a bowl per family, a bowl per family, altogether there are fifty-nine of us in the village, fifty-nine, that is, fifty-nine families. Every household send one person to eat, you need to bring your own bowls and chopsticks!
26 yi2si1 eng1ge1 ga2-xie2, tu1di2tang3 gao1-i, jiu1 ang2-nie3 eng1ge1 tu1di2tang3 gao1-i, ao1jie3 bang2. B: bang2-hao1-liao3! bang2-hao1-liao3! ga2-duo3-hu3 ming! hhi2-la1-hu3 gao1 ya ming! ga2-hu3 ming!
Everyone go there to eat, we'll do it at the Earth God shrine, at the Earth God shrine, we'll cook there. B: The cooking is done, it's done, let's start eating, off we go and eat, let's eat!
27 A: hai! ye3 ga2-hu3 le! B: ca2! ga2-hu3! A: ga2-xie2! ga2-xie2! ga2! ga2 mang! B: ni2 be2 ga2 mang! ni2 qing3mo1 re2 la2 ze2 hu3-ti2 huo! A: nga2 hu3-di1xi3! ni2 le, ni2 be2 re2 la2 ze2 hu3-duo3!
A: Right, let's start eating! B: OK! Let's eat! A: Come and eat, come and eat, eat, eat! B: You eat too! Why aren't you drinking any wine! A: I can drink some, and you, you must drink some too!
28 ca2! lei4 ce3hu3ta3, pu3sa3 jing2 a ming! se1pa1se1 ming! ai1 zi4 he2ba3, zi4-ba1 he2ba3 bu2-bo3 mo3 ga2-ta1 qie4 ri1? zuan1meng3 ga2-i mo3 he2ba3 lao4 gao1-bo3-xi2 ming.
OK! Today is very busy, what with worshipping the gods and celebrating the 'Sheba' festival. That pig, that pig that you killed, it's so big, if we don't eat it, why bother to kill it? We killed such a big pig because we specially wanted to eat it.
29 B: ca2! ca2! ca2! ga2! ga2! ga2! ga2-liao3 o! ga2 mo3 me3jie2-liao3 o! A: me3jie2-liao3 o! me3jie2-liao3 jiu1 ca2!
B: OK, OK, OK! Eat, eat, eat! Eat your fill! A: Eat your fill, eat your fill! Good!
30 ai1 da4ha3, ai1lie1 meng da4ha3 se1pa1se1-i-hu3 ming, zeng2si3 se1pa1se1-i ya, ai1lie1 se1pa1se1-nie3 di2dian1-bo3 hhi2, se1-i ya!
After that, we will begin celebrating 'Sheba' together, we will start celebrating 'Sheba' properly, we'll go to the 'Sheba' place to celebrate.
31 ai1 jiu1 da4 se1-hu3 o! kai1si4 o! B: ca2! A: zun1bei3-bo3 o! tong3 tong3 tong3 kuan3 tong3...
Let's start then! Let's start! B: Right! A: Get ready! (sound of working)
32 yan1 se1-hu3! B: ca2! kuan3 tong3 kuan3 tong3 kuan3 kuan3... A: li4 pu2, tong3 tong3 tong3 kuan3 tong3... huo1sa1 ga4-i.
Let's plant tobacco! B: OK! (sound of working) A: Hoe the ground, (sound of working) open up the wasteland.
33 gai2 ga4 pong2 yi3-duo3, ang2ni1 eng1di1 lang3cang3 a! eng1di1 da4ha3. ai1di1 kang3ku1 ong3-bo3 mo3 si2 sang1 wan2long3sang1 ong3-bo3 mo3 huo1sa1 da3bi2 ga4-ta1 ni2 qie4 ga2-i yo?
You need to move these plants over here where we are, all together. Here we are, living surrounded by mountains, if we don't work the land, what will you have to eat?
34 tuo1luo1su1ku1 nga2 bo3, zao2ri3su1ku1 la2 pa1 huo3-xie2, za2-i-hu3! B: ca2! pa3sa3... tong3 tong3 tong3 kuan3 tong3 A: za2-hu3! B: ca2!
Give me a knife, and bring one of those knives, let's clear the ground! B: OK! (sound of working) A: Let's cut [the undergrowth]! B: OK!
35 A: ai1 ni2 mi4 la2 pa1 wu2 ma, ni2 yan3huo1 tai2 huo? B: nga2 yan3huo1 huo3-la1, huo3-la1. A: nga2 bo3 la2-xie2! ni2 eng1ge1la1bi3 hhi2, ra4-liao3! huo huo...
A: You light a fire there, do you have any matches? B: I brought some matches, I brought them. A: Throw them to me, you go over there and light a fire! (sound of burning)
36 ...gi3 ya gi3... eng gi3-hao1-liao3! gi3-bo3-xi2 ca2! eng1 la2 qie2 gi3-bo3-xi2, ca2! sang2jing1 a!
It's burning, burning, all burned up! That was successful, we burnt that well! Excellent!
37 ei! me2 ga4 bu2 ze3 be2 sang2jing1 hang! B: ze3-di2. ze3-diu2 wa! ying3tu3 qi1-liao3 wa! me2 ze3-liao3 wa! ze3-liao3! ze3-liao3!
Ah, if it would rain a bit, that would be excellent! B: It's going to rain. It's raining! The clouds are gathering, it's raining! It's raining, it's raining!
38 A: kuai2xie1, kuai2xie1, wu3 nie1 long3 huo3-xie2, sa4, wu3 nie1 long3 sa4, hhi3 nie1 long3 sa4, hhi3 nie1 long3. pian3 tong3 pian3 tong3... sa4-liao3 hang? B: sa4-liao3!
A: Quickly, quickly, bring a load of millet seed to sow, sow a load of millet, sow a load of millet, a load of millet. (sound of sowing) Have you sown them? B: I've sown them!
39 A: sa4-ji2-liao3 tai2? B: sa4-ji2-liao3! yi2 pian1 sang1 duo3 sa4-ji2-liao3! A: ca2! ai1lie1 da4ha3, ai1me1 eng1 si3jie3 me bao1bu1 wo4-duo3, bao1bu1 wo4, bao1bu1 wo4.
A:撒完了没有?B:撒完了! 一片山都要撒完了!A:好!然后一起,那么这时节要背玉米,背玉米,背玉米。
A: Have you finished sowing? B: All done! This whole area of hillside has been sown! A: Good! Now we have to carry up some maize, carry some maize.
40 ai! zao2 reng3 rong1ti1 la2 da2 wo4-duo3, bo1li3-die1 le, wo3 la2 da2 wo4. wo3 huo3lie3 qie3-ma1 qie3, wo4-ma1 jiu1 wo4.
Everyone must bring a large back-basket, the children must each bring a smaller one. Use your back-baskets, if you're supposed to be picking the cobs, pick them. If you're supposed to be carrying them, do so.
41 nga2 le guo2 wo4, ni2 le jiu1 guo2 qie3, ang2ni1 ga4 la1hu3 le yi2 hui3 wo4. B: ca2! kuan3 pong3tong3 pi3si3pa3sa3 pia3 pong3tong3...
I'll carry the back-basket of maize, you pick the cobs, we'll go and take a load back. B: Fine! (sound of planting)
42 A: ei! la4 hhi2-ti2! guo2 rong1ti1 wo2tu1 pa3sao3 la1di3, la4 hhi2-ti2-nie2, la4 hhi2-ti2-nie2, nga2 hhi2-pie3 la! pian3 pang3tang3 pian3 pang3tang3 beng4 die3 tu2-lu3.
A: It's too heavy to carry! Take some maize from his large back-basket, he still can't carry it, still can't carry it. Let me go first! (sound of pouring maize) Pour it out!
43 B: ca2! la2 wo3 xiao2, ni2 wo4-lie3 hhi2, kuai2 hhi2! A: wo4-ji2-lie3-duo3, zeng1qi1 eng1di1 bao1bu1 wo4-ji2-lie3-duo3.
B: OK! There's a back-basket [full of maize] now, you carry it, off you go, quickly! A: We must finish carrying it, we must work hard to finish carrying this maize.






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