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2.3: Hunting Duologue

Peng Wugen & Peng Jingchun, Dianfang Township, Longshan County
recorded on 18 July 2002

This impromptu text is a vivid portrayal of a traditional Tujia hunt in the 1950s. The hunters begin by making offerings to Meishan, the hunting goddess, and then the hunt proceeds. Men scattered over the hillside form a ring to drive game hiding in the undergrowth into an increasingly small area. Catchers trap the animals as they try to escape. The story ends with a feast after further offerings to the hunting goddess. In previous centuries many different species of wild animals were hunted, including tigers. More recently deer and wild boar were hunted, until game became scarce as a result of deforestation, which began in the late 1960s. Recent reafforestation is beginning to restore the high hillsides to their former splendour and wildlife is increasing again.

01 A: o! hu2ni1 da4ha3 cai3mo1 ru3-bo3, la3tie2 sang1 si3 ye2, ye2huan1 ga2-liao3 le da4ha3 mei3sang3 pu3sa3 jing2-duo3 o! B: ca2!
A: Right! Everyone listen carefully, tonight is New Year's Eve. When we've finished eating, we need to go together to worship Meishan [the hunting goddess]! B: Fine!
02 A: ai1lie1 me ni2 eng1ge1, ni2-nie3 ai1di1 huo1qian1 be2 kuai4-adi2-duo3. B: kuai4-adiu2. A: huo1yao3 wa wo1 bo3 da4 yi2 ti3 huo3-xie2. B: huo3-diu2.
A: Now, you over there, you also need to bring your gun with you. B: I've got it. A: Gunpowder, bring a pouch of it for us. B: I've brought it.
03 A: ai1lie1 me, ni2 guo2 ai1di1 tian3sang1gang1 la2 jie3. tian3sang1gang1 la2 jie3! B: tian3sang1gang1, da4 hhi2-hu3 la! A: eng1ge1, nga2 jiu1 me2la1ku1 bao1bao1 ga3ha2. B: o!
A: Right then, you give Tian Sangan a call. Call Tian Sangan too! B: Tian Sangan, let's go! A: Over there, I'm going up onto that Melaku bluff. B: Ah!
04 A: ni2 le cuo4 zi1ge1 bao1zeng1 ga3 zu1zu4-bo3. B: zu1zu4-bo3-la1. A: nga2 le jiu1 me2ting1 ga3. B: o! A: guo2 me jiu1 nie3ti3 ku1za4 ga3. B: o!
A: You, position yourself on the outcrop in front of that house. B: I'm standing there now. A: I'll go up to Meting. B: Right! A: He can go up on to Nieti Hill. B: Fine!
05 A: ang2 da4 dong2seng1-liao3! B: ca2, eng3zou2! o A: kei3 ye4-liao3 wa? B: zi1ge1 la4dao1. A: a! nie3ti3 ku1za4 ga3-nie3 ei1 la2 hu3, ni2 xi4-da2 huo? ca2! xi4-liao3 jiu1 ca2! nga2 ge3-lie1 jiu1 wo3! jie3 ya! o ai1 ni2 jie3 luo! B: wo3wu4...
A: Let's set off then! B: Right, we're off! A: Where have you got to? B: I'm on the path in front. A: Hey! You there on Nieti Hill, can you hear me? Fine! If you can hear me, that's great. I'll call from here then. (hunting cry) ... your turn! B: (hunting cry)
06 A: cong2 po1 mang! lao3ga3 yi2 pao1 po1! B: ca2! A: ai1 nie3ti3 ku1za4 ga3-bo3 yi2 pao1 po1, ai1lie1 da4 song1kuo1-i o!
A: Open fire! Fire a big shot! B: Right! A: Fire there over towards Nieti Hill, then we will come back together!
07 ai1 la4ku1tu3 le, ai1 jiu1 da4 wo3hong1 wo3hong1 mo3 eng3zi3-duo3 la, wo3 jie3 mo3 eng3zi3-duo3 la! B: ca2! wo3wu4... dong3a3 dong3a3... wo3wu4 wo3wu4...
On that road, we need to come back calling our hunting cries together, calling as we go! B: OK! (hunting cry) (gunshots, hunting cries)
08 A: ai1 mei3sang3 jing2. B: ca2! A: ai1 ca3pang3 di1di1-axie2! B: di1di1-adiu2. A: ang! mei3sang3 pu3sa3-nie3 ku3, si1ba1, zong2ba1jie2zu1 a, cuo3xie2, wa2zi1 ai1 wo2tu1 re4kuo3kui1 mo3 bai4-bo3. B: re4kui2 bai4-bo3-la1-hu3.
A: Now let's worship Meishan. B: Right! A: Bring the wooden tray! B: I've brought it. A: Ah! Meishan's clothes, trousers, headscarf, shoes, socks. Lay them all out neatly on the tray. B: They're all laid out neatly.
09 A: ang ci1ki1ta1 xian1 a? B: ca2! yi2si1 ao1-cai3 ye4-ji2-liao3. A: ai1me1 ni2 la2zu1 ti2-liao3 hang? B: ti2-liao3. A: xian1 a ti2-liao3 hang? B: ti2-liao3.
A: Hmm, what about the paper for burning and the incense sticks? B: Yes, everything is there! A: Now, have you lit the candle? B: It's lit. A: The incense, have you lit it? B: Yes.
10 A: ca2! ai1 jiu1 hu2ni1 da4ha3 eng1ge1 zu1zu4-bo3-xie2, da4ha3 pu3sa3 jing2-hu3! B: o! A: ki4-bo3! ki4-bo3! B: ki4-bo3-la1-hu3. A: ka1ta1 la2 bu2 bu2. B: wu2-liao3. A: nie1 bu2 bu2. B: wu2-liao3. A: suo1 bu2 B: wu2-liao3. wo3wu4...
A: Good! Now let's all stand over there together, and worship the goddess together! B: Right. A: Kneel! Kneel! B: We're kneeling. A: Kowtow once. B: I've burnt a few pieces of paper. A: Kowtow once more. B: The paper's been burnt. A: Kowtow a third time. B: The paper's been burnt. (hunting cry)
11 A: ai1 mei3sang3 pu3sa3 o! ang2ni1 le lei4 la3tie2 ni2 sang1 si3 ye2 po1-bo3 jing2-liao3. ni2 ai1lie1, jing1hou2 le ang2ni1 kou2 si3jie4, ang2ni1 hong3huan4 ti3-ce1.
A: Goddess Meishan! We have come here on this New Year's Eve to worship you. From now on, wherever we are hunting, may we always be successful.
12 ang2ni1 la2ji1 jie4 la2ji1 ti3-ce1, ye1zu1 zuo2 ye1zu1 ti3-ce1; ang ang2ni1 se2xian1 zuo2 se2xian1 ti3-ce1; ang2 ji1zi1 lao4 zuo2 be2 ti3-ce1. hhe4 nie1 long3 zuo2, ji3pa2 ga3 ti2 long4-bo3-hu3. la2ji1 le,
If we hunt deer, may we find them; if we go after wild boar, may we catch them; if we look for musk deer, may we find them; if we look for a muntjac, may we catch one. If we catch a couple of monkeys, we will tie them by their back legs and raise them; if we catch a deer,
13 ni2 guo2 jiu1 ri4 huo3lie3 tao2-bo3-hu3. ai1 jiu1 da4ha3 zeng1ye1 cu1yi2, lao2zi1 zeng1ye1 cu1yi2, da2nian3 cu1yi2, da2nian3 cu1yi2, cong2 xie2-ma1 yi2si1 huo3 o, si3jie4-i, ha4lie3 nie1 long3 cuo4-xie2. B: ca2!
you can use a clamp to hold it. Then together on New Year's Day, tomorrow is New Year's Day, New Year's Day, everyone who has a gun, bring it and we will go hunting. Bring a couple of dogs too. B: Fine!
14 A: ai! eng1jie3 ye1zu1 lao4 za4-duo3liao3, kuai2 eng3qie2! eng1di1 lao4 huan2 sang1 be1 jing1 xie2! B: zeng1di1hua1!
A: Hey! We've caught a wild boar over here, come quickly! This one must be all of three hundred pounds! B: You're right!
15 A: ai! jing1seng1 guo1guo1 jiao2 ai1di1, eng1ge1la1bi3-nie3 ai1di1, lang3ku3-nie3 ai1di1 qian2 la4 zi2 duan4-bo3. B: ca2! A: bai2ling3 le, ang ni2 jiu1 ta1nie1-nie3 qian2 la2 zi2 duan4-bo3. C: qian2 la2 duan4-bo3 la.
A: Hey! Ask Jingseng to handle that, that one over there, block that path over there on Langku. B: Right! A: Bailing, you block the path over the back. C: I'm blocking it now.
16 A: eng nian3sang1 le, ni2 kuai2xie1 ri1-lie3! ta4 ge3ci2, ni2 guo2 ai1 yan3gu2, ai1di1 hao3kang4 ba4-i, hao3 ngang1-bo3. D: ca2 la! A: tian3mei2, ni2 kuai2xie1 ni2 guo2 ai1 ha4lie3 cuo4-lie3, ha4lie3, guo2 ai1di1 lao1 jiao2 po1-xie2. E: ca2!
A: Niansang, get a move on! Don't mess about. You go and look after the pit in the backyard, and set up the hurdle for the door. D: Right! A: Tianmei, quickly take your dogs, tell that chap to let the dog come. E: Right!
17 A: ai1 jiu1 da4 kai1si4 o! duan4-bo3! la2ji1 zu2-liao3! ye1zu1 wa lao4 zu2-lu3. da4 dang1guo3-lu3 la! zao3 la! ye huo1qian1! qian2 ga3ha2 duan4-ma1-die1! zao1hu1-bo3! ni2 ai1 ji3ta3 ye4-liao3! ni2 ai1 ji3ta3 gu1du4-bo3-la1,
A: Now we can start! Block the paths! Here comes the deer! And there's a wild boar as well! They've gone off together! They're gone! Those with guns! You lot up there! Look out! The wild boar is over there below you! It's crouching down below you,
18 nga2 ge3-lie1 duo3 yi3 ca2-la1tai2. B: yi3-liao3 da4ze3 la. A: ei! ti3-liao3... ti3-liao3! la2ji1 lao4 ti3, cuo4-liao3 wa! ai! la2ji1 lao4 ti3. B: cuo4-liao3! cuo4-liao3! A: sang2jing1! sang2jing1!
I can see it very clearly from here. B: As clear as crystal. A: Hey! Got it! Got it! Caught a deer! I've brought it here! Hey! We've caught a deer! B: Got it! Got it! A: Great! Great!
19 ang2ni1 be2 luo4 lao3gu1lie1 yi2 ai2 si3 guo2-lang2 ming, lei4 la3tie2 be2 hui1 jing1 ba1 xie2. B: ai1 da4xi4-duo3-hu3, ya2-hao1. A: ai1lie1 da4 ke4-lie3 da4 song1kuo1-i-hu3. B: ai1lie1 da4 song1kuo1-i.
There are only twenty of us altogether, there'll be about a pound of meat each tonight. B: Quickly go and help then. We're lucky today. A: We'll carry it home together on a shoulder pole. B: Let's head back home.
20 A: huo4jiao3-die1, da4 song1kuo1-i-hu3! B: ca2! song1kuo1-i-hu3! A: ai1di1 luo4ba1-die1 le, se2 ke3du1 hhi2-ta1-duo3.
A: Friends, let's set off home! B: Right! Let's go! A: You lads, don't run off all over the place.
21 yi2si1 eng3qie2! ang2 da4 reng3tu3 dian4. B: ca2 la! A: luo4 ga4 long3 dian4-duo3, luo4 dao2di1 gai4 xie2? cu1 ye4-liao3 be2 da4ha3, luo4 la2 hu3 lao4 la2 qi1 xie2 huo1 nie1 qi1 xie2, yi2 lian1 xie2 huo1 da4 suan2 ca2 la.
大家都来吧!我们一起数一下人。B:好! A:要点几个人。到底有几个人啊?到家了也一起每个人,每人到底有一斤、两斤还是一两呢?好算啦。
Everyone here! Let's count heads. B: OK! A: We need to know how many we are. How many are we after all? When we get home, we need to work out how much each one will have, a pound, two pounds or less. We'll work it out.
22 ai1me1 you2 gai4 cu3 le? ri1-ma1-suo1 bo3. B: ai1 luo4ba1 hu3-nie3 si2. A: ai1 ha4lie3 nie1 long3 la. B: ai1 luo4ba1 hu3-nie3 cu3. A: ai1 ying2gai1 cu3. B: ai1 ying2gai1 cu3. A: ai ca2!
How much should we give for those who've done the work? For the hunters. B: Give the hunters some. A: What about the two dogs? B: First take some for the men. A: Take theirs. B: Take theirs A: Right!
23 ai1me1 ang2ni1 zong1gong2 yi2ha1lie1 si1 ai2 si3 wu1 guo2, ha4lie3 nie1 long3 ai2 si3 qi2 guo2, ri4 la2 pu1 le la2 hu3 suan2, ai2 si3 ba2 guo2.
So, altogether there are twenty-five of us, plus two dogs, that makes twenty-seven, then add the one who provided the clamp, twenty-eight in all.
24 ai2 si3 ba2 guo2, ai1 ca1bu1duo1 hui1 gai4 xie2, luo4 la2 hu3? lao4 die3 la2 qi1 bang1 hui1 xie2, la2 qi1 bang1. B: la2 qi1 bang1 meng la2 qi1 bang1 mang. A: ai1me1 la2 qi1 bang1 o.
Twenty-eight, how much roughly will each one have? A pound and a half each, a pound and a half. B: A pound and a half's fine. A: A pound and a half it is, then.
25 ai1, ni2 ai1me1 mao3ni1xia2huo1 le? ai! kuai2xie1 kuai2xie1! ta2ku1 duo1, gao2-cai3 ta2ku1 duo1, yi2 luo2, yi2 luo2, yi2 luo2, yi2 luo2.
What about the deer's entrails? Hey, quickly, quickly! Set up the pot, put it over there, cook, cook, cook.
26 luo4-lie3 ni2 you2 pu3sa3 jing2-duo3 mang. B: pu3sa3 jing2-duo3 o. A: eng! ai1me1 kuai2xie1 kuai2xie1, mao3ni1xia2huo1 la? B: ca2 la! A: eng1di1 gang1 a, hui2 ya, se3pe3 ya, bi2la1 ya, si3 ya, la2bie1 gao1 ya.
When it's cooked, you have to worship the goddess again. B: Yes, we must worship the goddess. A: Quickly, quickly, where are the innards? B: Right! A: The liver, lungs, stomach, intestines, meat. Cook a bit of everything.
27 o! eng1di1 huo3lie3 la1ye3la1si1 la2bie1 gao1. nga2 gang1 tong1, ni2 suo4 luo, ni2 guo2 mu4nie3 ka3zu3 huo3lie3 li4-bo3. B: ca2!
Oh! Use this to cook a bit of everything. I'll pierce the liver, you slice it and then string the pieces up on bamboo splints. B: Right!
28 A: ni2 ai1lie1 qian1 qian1 huo3lie3 huo3lie3 ce3 sa2gi1 wo2tu1 yi2 dang4 luo, ai1lie1 mang1mang1 bi3bi1kui1 la1 gao1 o, ai1lie1 meng da4 a1jie1-liao3 meng pu3sa3 la1 tu2-lie3 jiu1 da4 ri1, jing2 ca2 hang.
A: Then scald each piece of liver in hot water, and cook a bit of rice. When it's cooked, give some to the goddess, then we can worship her together properly.
29 jing2-liao3 me jing1hou2 zuo2, ang2ni1 zuo2-la1-hu3 hang, weng2ti3 zu2-ta1, yi2 cang3, ang2ni1, guo2 ang2ni1 huan2 hu1-bo3-i hang. B: ca2! ca2!
Once we've worshipped her, whenever we go hunting in the future, we won't have any problems. We're all friends here, she will always protect us. B: Great! Great!
30 A: la2 long1 hi4lie3 eng1 da4ze3 gao1 me la4li3die2 le, be2 da4ha3 ge3ci2 ca2 hang. ri1-i, hhi2 o. zeng1ye1-gang1 a ming, da2nian3 cu1yi2 jiu1 da4 kai1zang1-liao3!
A: Every year it's right that we do things this way, it's also good to enjoy ourselves together. We'll start now. Let's go. The beginning of the year, it's only New Year's Day and we've already caught something!
31 da2nian3 cu1yi2 jiu1 si3 lao4 ti3, ai1 sang2jing1 a! eng1 li3-di hua1 le hai3si2 xing1nian3 da2 re4, da2ji3 xing1nian3 da2ji3 ming! B: kai1zang1-xi2 ca2! A: eng kai1zang1-xi2 ca2!
Getting meat on New Year's Day is really good! This is truly a New Year's blessing, such good luck on New Year's Day! B: This is a brilliant start to the year. A: A good start to the year! Yes!
32 ai1me1 jiu1 da4ha3 pu3sa3 jing2-hu3! yi2si1 eng3qie2. B: ca2 la! A: ai1 ca3guan3 ti1-liao3! B: ti1-liao3. A: ti1-liao3 hang. ai! wo3wu4... ai1lie1 da4 jie3su3-liao3! song1kuo1-i-hu3! B: ca2!
那么就一起开始敬菩萨吧!都来吧。B:好! A:那茶罐放了吧!B:放好了。A:放好了。哎!(打猎呼叫)然后一起结束了!回家吧!B:好!
So let's go together and worship the goddess! Let's go! B: OK! A: Put out the tea caddy! B: It's done. A: It's done. (hunting cries) Now everthing's finished! Let's head home! B: OK!






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