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5.3: Other Kujia Lyrics

Peng Wanjiao, Pojiao Rural Township, Longshan County
recorded on 03 April 2002

01 a1re1la1di3! ni2 me le, si1ke1-bo3 hhi2-lie3 ou, luo4die1-nie3 a1nie3 a3ba1 da4ha3.
My daughter! You are leaving for another place, to live with someone else's parents.
02 ni2 guo2 luo4die1-nie3 a3nie1 a3ba1 bo3 sun2-bo3-duo3, luo4die1-nie3 a3nie1 a3ba1 cai3mo1 hu1si4, ni2 a3nie1 a3ba1 bo3 cai3mo1 ca2-bo3-duo3, a1re1la1di3 ye!
You must obey someone else's parents, serve them well, you must be good to them. My daughter!
03 ni2 guo2duo3-nie3 a3nie1 a3ba1 da4ha3 ong3-bo3, li3-xi2-nie3 a4se3 ta4 pa3 ma, nga2-nie3 a1re1la1di3 ye!
It's not like living with your own parents, you can't push these duties off on to someone else, my daughter!
04 ye4mei2 ye, ni2 ta4 ge3ci2, ni2 pa1gu1 huo4, nga2-nie3 a1re1 li3 ye!
Yue Mei, you mustn't play any longer, gather up the chillis, my daughter!
05 ni2 la2 hu3-lang2 bu2si1, nga2-nie3 qing3nie2 luo4-nie3 si1ke1-bo3 a3-la1 mang, nga2-nie3 a1re1 li3 ye!
You are not alone, every girl will also have to marry away from home, my daughter!
06 a3nie1 ei! ni2 le long4-bo3 mo3 luo4die1 bo3 luo4 long4 o, nga2-nie3 a3nie1 a3ba1 la!
My mother! You raised me for the benefit of other people, my parents!
07 nga2 me se2 da4ha3 ong3-bo3 me nga2 se2 hu1si4, nga2 se2 bo3 gei1 o, ai1me1 luo4die1 bo3 zu2-lu3 mang, nga2-nie3 a3nie1 a3ba1 ye!
I lived with you both, I haven't served you enough, and I am now leaving for another home, my parents!






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