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3.4: Tufei Reminiscences

Peng Shikuan & Wang Huanming with Xiang Hua, Tasha Rural Township, Longshan County
recorded on 21 July 2002

01 A: ni2 ri1. B: ni2 ri1-pie3, ri1 luo. A: tian3da2bang4 le, ai1 luo4 hai3si2 bi1jiao1 wo2, yan2zi1 you2 hang2 ze3-da2.
A: You do it. B: You speak first. A: Tian Daban, he was a rather ferocious character, not so good-looking either.
02 dang2si2 guo2 ang2ni1 ta1sa1 gai2 huan2wei3 le, guo2 hai3si2 luan2 gao1-da2, qing1mo3nie3 le? guo2 ri, gai2 beng2di1 gao2-cai3 hai3si2 dian2kui1 liu3qing3-duo3-nie2, suo1yi1 le, guo2 hai3si2 luan2 gao1-ta1,
But to us in the Tasha area, he didn't cause any trouble. Why? Because he had to show some consideration for the local area. Therefore, he didn't cause trouble here.
03 dang2si2 le, gai2 luo4 le hai3si2 bi1jiao1, xing1 bi1jiao1 du2, guo2 ru3guo1 si1 ni2 dian2kui1 ai1di1 (null)-liao3 le, guo2 jiu1 ni2 ri1-alie3-hu3. luo4die1 le be2 guo2 ge4.
However, this chap, he was pretty wicked. If you upset him at all, he would do away with you. All the folk, they were afraid of him.
04 ai1 jia1huo1 za2si1 ei! hei! qie4 si3jie3 guo2-jiao3 se2-liao3 duo3 ha1tai2, a! gai3di1 jia1huo1 bu2die1liao1! suo1yi1, guo2 ang2 gao2-cai3 si1 suan2 bi1jiao1... B: ze2-lu3 wo2-nie3-xi2 luo4 la2 hu3. A: si1 bu2si1 hang2nie3, ni2 you2 ri1.
That fellow was amazing! Hey! You could die at his hands without even knowing about it. Wow! That chap was really amazing! So, in our area he was reckoned to be rather... B: ... a fierce chap. A: Wasn't he like that? You say your bit as well.
05 B: guo2 zeng1zeng2-di ri1-si3-liao3, xing2di1 jiu1 tian3zeng1su2 la1 hhi3-lang2, guo2 jiu1 si1 liu3lang3dong2 qie4li3-lie3, guo2 gai1huan3jing1 yi3luo2pai3 ha3-si3-lie3.
B: The only one he actually killed was Tian Zhengshu, from Xindi village, he went into Niulan Cave [to hide], and there he shot dead Yi Luopai from the People's Liberation Army,
06 ha3-lie3, dang1si3 kuo1neng3 zui2 kuai2-le hai3si2 tian3qiao3 wei2ji1wan2 a, ge4 ai1 yi2 pao1 guo2 hu1si4, sa3guo1 le gai1huan3jing1 guo2 zuo2-duo3liao3 yi1hou2 le, kuo1ba1-bu2li1 tie2-liao3.
he shot him. Perhaps the first person to arrive there after the shooting was Wei Jiwan from Tianqiao Village; there was a group under his command. In the end, the People's Liberation Army caught him, and afterwards cut off his head.
07 A: tie2-lie3 hai3 ka3mong3 ga3 suo1 nie1 gua2-lie3 ba. B: suo1 nie1 gua2-lie3, qing3nie2 suo1 nie1 gua2-lie3 yi1hou2 le, guo2 kuo1ba1-bu2li1 yi1rang3 ga3ha2 duo3 huo3-lu3 la, eng, huo3-lu3.
A: Cut it off and hung it on a tree for three days. B: Hung it up for three days, and after those three days, his head was taken away by the leaders.
08 A: ci1ki1ta1 huo3 pe1-lu3-xi2. B: eng, ci1ki1ta1 huo3 pe1-lu3-xi2. A: ai1di1 zui2hou2, guo2 bong3-bo3-xi2 ao1-cai3, da3pie1 si1 ce3 xie2 huo2 li3-la1 o, qing3nie2 qing3mo1, guo2 bong3-lie3 yi1hou2 le ce3 you2 tao2 wa.
They took it away. A: Took it off wrapped in paper. B: They wrapped it in paper. A: Then finally, the place where they buried him, it used to have a spring, then after he was buried, there was no longer any water.
09 ni2 gai2 xi4 huo1 xi4-bo3-da2? B: xi4-bo3-la1, xi4-bo3-la1 o. A: qi3ta1di1 hai3 eng... guo2-nie3 du1 hang2 ai1di1 (null)-da2. B: he2ba3 la2 li3-ci3 tai2.
Had you heard about this? B: Yes, I've heard of it, heard of it. A: Other stories...
10 A: dang1si3 le, ang2-nie3 ge3 si1 da2kai1 wu1 yi2-nie3 ao1-cai3 gai1huan3-bo3-xi2, ai! xian1zang1 mo1cai3 li3-liao3, ang2ni1 cu3seng1 yi1hou2 le, se2hui1 zeng1di1 gao1-lie3 guo2 luan2qi3ba3zao1!
there are not so many other things to say about him. B: Nothing much else. A: In those days, our area was one of those liberated in about 1951. Ah! As the village head has just said, after we were born, society was changing, it was total chaos!
11 gai3di1 wo2tu1 ye4 hao1qian2 you2 dian2 ai1di1 (null)-dao2 da4ze3... ai1 la2 ze2 ri1-bu1duo3, kuo1neng3 ni2 ri1...
But it wasn't as bad in our village ... that sentence was all wrong, perhaps you should speak...






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