image: traditional Tujia brocade

Archive Download Page

A selection of additional material is available for download from this page. Note that the audio files associated with the Tujia texts are low quality 8-bit 11kHz versions due to bandwidth limitations. Any linguists interested in obtaining a copy of the language archive at 16-bit and 22kHz quality for analysis or archiving should contact the authors at

Dongdongkui flute played by adult (listen) (0.4Mb)
Dongdongkui flute played by children (listen) (0.7Mb)
Daliuzi entertainment (listen) (3.8Mb)
Archaic Kujia singing (listen) (0.9Mb)
Kujia demonstration (listen) (1.3Mb)
Tima shaman chanting (listen) (1.4Mb)
Tujia wordlist in RTF (57Kb)
Tujia wordlist in HTML (49Kb)

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