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2.5: Tufei Bandits in Longshan (Part 1)

Lu Bangzhen, Tasha Rural Township, Longshan County
recorded on 30 January 2003

This text begins the story of the most notorious tufei (literally 'local robber') in southern Longshan County during the turmoil prior to Liberation in 1949. Tian Gaoliang had become a platoon leader in the warlord army controlling the local area. But, fearful of his jealous commanding officer, he fled to Xindi, a village just north of Tasha, where he formed a bandit group which carried out raids throughout the region. At one stage, he was imprisoned for over three years, before gaining his release. With the support of a warlord faction who appointed him village chief, Tian continued his activities in areas under the control of other factions. On hearing of the arrival of the People's Liberation Army, who had vowed to rid the area of banditry, he fled to a local cave where he was besieged and finally shot dead. The story is concluded in the next text.

01 xing2diu1 tian3gao1lian3, luo4 tie2ba1,
Tian Gaoliang from Xindi village, he was a big fellow.
02 kuo1ba1 le nie3 deng1guan3 he2ba3 xie2; eng3qie2 le jie2bi1ta1 he2ba3 xie2; luo2bu1 le ceng3ta3 ceng3ta3, li2 luo2bu1 da4ze3; luo2bu1 si2ga4 le me2 ga3-bo3 zi2zi1-bo3-xi2, lang2ga1zao3zao3;
His head, it was as big as a large rice pot; his ears were as big as the palms of your hands; his eyes were very bright, like tiger's eyes; his eyebrows, they reached straight up to the sky, they were jet black;
03 eng2qi4-bu2li1 le you2 bi3gua3ta3, ca3pao1 he2ba3, you2 pian1-ga1ca3; za2qi1 le a3tu3 da4ze3.
his nose, it was flat, and as big as the fruit of the tea tree, it was also crooked; his mouth was like a cave.
04 ge4 cu1 le qiong3, ge4 cu1 le tai2, guo2 qian1ngai4-die1 you2 po1la1. guo2 la2 hi2 ta2ci1 xiao2 le, guo2 jiu1 xi1ce3 liu3 tuan3zang3-nie3 eng1ge1 bing1dang1-xie2.
Their home was poor, their home had nothing, and he had many brothers. When he was ten or so, he went to Xichehe to serve as a soldier under Commander Liu.
05 bing1dang1-lie3 le, eng1 luo4 la2 hu3, guo2 ci1ci1 ha1tai2 le, guo2 luo4 hhe4jing1, guai1-xi3tai2, guo2 you2 luo4 ri1-hhe1, guo2 a3se4 da4 duo3 dao1ca2, luo4die1 yi3-liao3 le, guo2 zi2 ge4, you2 guo2 ca2.
After becoming a soldier, this man, he was illiterate, but he was as sly as a monkey demon, he knew how to get on with other people. He got on with everyone, and when people saw him, they were naturally in awe of him, so they treated him well.
06 liu3 tuan3zang3 kou2-cai3 dui2wu1 ha3 huan2 guo2 la2 hu3, guo2 cang1jia1-liao3 le, huan2 ha3 mo3 ying3, su1-ta1, ai1 cong2 a ti3-liao3. hao4 qing3nie2 le, guo2 bang1zang1 dang1-liao3.
Wherever Commander Liu fought, he always took him along, and when he took part, they always won, never lost. That's how he managed to get a number of guns. Well, afterwards, he served as a squad leader.
07 bang1zang1 dang1-lie3 le guo2 ye2geng1 jing2 xiao2, guo2 ye2geng1 qi1jing2-liao3, ai1lie1 dui2wu1 ji1 ci2 ha3 duo3 guo2 ying3-liao3, huan2 guo2 la2 hu3, guo2 ai1 ming3yi2 you2 qian3 tuan3 hao4rou3, qing3nie2 guo2 you2 pai3zang3 dang1-liao3.
As squad leader, he became more powerful than ever, even more energetic. When they fought other bands, he won every time, it was always him. His reputation spread throughout the whole corps, and later he was promoted to platoon leader.
08 ai1lie1 meng, guo2 ci1ci1 ha1tai2 ya, guo2 luo4 zui2 guai1-liao3, guo2 zang2 wo2tu1, guo2 zui2 hao4ri3. pai3zang3 dang1-lie3 le, luo4 kang2duo1 kang2duo1 yan2zi1 bu2die1liao1.
Now, he was illiterate, but he was a very clever man, and he understood fighting. As platoon leader, people found him even more terrifying.
09 liu3 tuan3zang3 jiu1 guo2 ge4-liao3: "eng1di1 ya, eng1di1 suo1 pai3zang3, si2si1, guo2 si2si1-ta1-di hua1 le, sa2guo1-lu3, guo2, nga2 cong2 guo2 duo3 ye4-ji2-lie3-hu3,
Commander Liu became afraid of him: "This, this No.3 Platoon Leader, I need to get rid of him. If I don't get rid of him, in the end my guns will be taken away by him.
10 ai1lie1 guo2 dui2wu1 dang1-hu3. sa2guo1-lu3, nga2 you2 guo2 duo3, guo2 ngo2 ha3-si3-i, nga2 guo2 zu1yi3 si4-bo3, nga2 guo2 jiu1 bii2-lie3 ti3-xi3."
Then he will become commander of the troops. In the end, I will be killed by him, I must make a plan, I must kill him."
11 eng1di1 liu3 tuan3zang3 le jiu1, me3ke3ce1 tu1 jiu1 xing1 qi1-liao3. guo2 guo2 jiu1 xi1ce3huo3 xie2ma1 wan3zeng1zai1 da4ha3 li3: "ni2 ang2ni1 qing4-bo3 la2 mong2 ga2,
This Commander Liu, this was what he was thinking. So he spoke with Wang Zhenzhai, a rich inhabitant of Xichehe: "You invite us for dinner,
12 ni2 ang2ni1 jie3-bo3 la2 mong2 ga2, nga2 eng1di1, eng1di1, eng1di1 mang1mang1 ga2-zu2 le, nga2 guo2 sang1 pai3zang3, suo1 pai3zang3 bii2-lie3-hu3, luo4 re1 hhi3 ong1 hhi3-lang2."
you invite us for dinner. When I'm eating this, this meal, I'll have No.3 Platoon Leader, No.3 Platoon Leader killed, there'll only be four or five men at the meal."
13 liu3 tuan3zang3 le, guo2 jiu1 sang1 pai3zang3, suo1 pai3zang3 ge4 da4 zui2 dao1ca2-xi2 nie1 hhi3. lian3qian1 le luo2tie1 tu1 kuai4-bo3-xi2, su1su1-bo3-xi2.
Commander Liu, he invited No.3 Platoon Leader, and two of his closest friends. They brought guns, hidden away in their bags.
14 hao4! sang1 pai3zang3 le, suo1 pai3zang3 le, guo2 jiu1 zuo2zi1, eng1di1 si3tie2 bai4-ji2-liao3, guo2 jiu1 pian3 die3 seng3kang3 ji3 ong3-liao3,
Well! No.3 Platoon Leader, No.3 Platoon Leader, he finished laying the table, and then plopped himself down below the ancestral shrine.
15 luo2bu1 ji1li1gu1lu1 ji1li1gu1lu1 dao2cu1 ba4-lie3, guo2 wo4ta3-bo3 ba4-bo3 mo3, guo2 qie4 si3jie3 duo3 zu2yi1-bo3-xi2, "se2 lai4 nga2 ming2 a3-i, se2 lai4 nga2 nie3hhe2 a3-i ya,
His eyes were darting everywhere; he looked outside, paying attention all the time: "Today you are planning to take my life, today you are planning to take my life,
16 ai1 nga2 be2 zu2yi1-bo3-duo3, nga2 be2 zao1hu1-bo3 ti3-xi3." bian1 re2 hu3 le, yi2 bian1 re2 hu3 le yi2 bian1 jie2 huo3lie3 lian3qian1 ga3 za4-bo3.
so I must stay alert, I must stay alert." He drank wine at the same time, drinking wine, all the time with his hand on his gun.
17 ha1ce1 ga2-zu2, re2 hu3-zu2 le guo2 jiu1 luo2bu1 huo3lie3 qie4 si3jie3 duo3 ai1 ge4 da4 dao1ca2-nie3, ai1, ai1di1 qian1ngai4 nie1 hhi3, lian3qian1 ai1 tu1 su1su1-bo3-nie3 ai1 zu2yi1-bo3-xi2, ai1 zao1hu1-bo3-xi2.
Whether they were eating or drinking wine, he kept his eyes wide open, all the time watching those 'good friends', those two brothers, with their guns hidden away, fully alert, fully alert.
18 ai1lie1 liu3 tuan3zang3 jiu1 li3-la1: "suo1 pai3zang3, ni2 qing3mo1 bian1 ye3 ga2 jie2 lian3qian1 za4-bo3-duo3 le?"
Then Commander Liu spoke: "No.3 Platoon Leader, why do you keep holding your gun while you are eating?"
19 "tuan3zang3, xing1dong1ngao2, li3zi3ngao2 dui2wu1 si3si3ke3ke3 lao1be3xing1-nie3 eng1di1, eng1di1 tong3qian3 a4yi3, nga2 ge4ze1 ha3 guan2si1-liao3, nga2 huan2 lian3qian1, lian3qian1-jiao3 za4-bo3-duo3."
He replied: "Commander, the troops in Xingdongngao and Lizingao regularly rob the villagers, I've become used to fighting them, so I always have a gun ready in my hands."
20 ai1lie1 liu3 zi3hui3 le, me3ke3ce1 tu1 le jiu1 ruan4-liao3, eng1di1, eng1di1 guo2 ha3, guo2 lei4 bii2-duo3-ta1ti1, yi2la1 bie4-liao3, ga4 ze2 ga2-lie3 le, eng1di1 sang1 pai3zang3 a, suo1 pai3zang3 a!
So Commander Liu, his resolve weakened. - Fight this man? Today he couldn't kill him! - His tongue hung out, and he gulped a few times. This No.3 Platoon Leader, No.3 Platoon Leader!
21 guo2 luo4 jing2mian1 ba4-duo3-di1xi3, la2 dong2 ba4-lie3, lai4 ge4ze1 nga2 nie3hhe2 a3-i, eng1di1 xing1 re2 luan2 hu3-ti2, re2 hu3-ji2-bu1ce3.
He could read people like a mirror, just one look, today they want to take my life, I mustn't get drunk, so he didn't finish his wine.
22 guo2 [li3]: "tuan3zang3, ang2 da4 eng1di1 xi3sang1, gai2 mang1mang1 ga2-xi2 ai3xi2 ti3-xiu2, guo2duo3 guo2duo3 song1kuo1-duo3." guo2 jiu1 ai1lie1 lian3qian1 di1di1-lie3 wo4ta3-bo3 zao3, guo2 zao3-lie3.
He said: "Commander, we're eating this meal together, we must stop now, each of us must go home." So he slung his gun over his shoulder, went outside and then back home.
23 ai1di1 sang1 suo1 pai3zang3 a! ai1di1 luo4 eng za2si1!
That No.3 Platoon Leader! That man was amazing!
24 guo2 jiu1 ge4ze3-nie3 jie2 da1bi1-nie3 luo4 da4 se1li3-la1: "ang2ni1 xi1ce3huo3 gao1-ti2, gao1-lie3 liu3 tuan3zang3, guo2 jiu1 nga2 qie4 si3jie3 nie3hhe2 a3-liao3 duo3 ha1tai2,
He called his men together and said: "We can't stay in Xichehe. Commander Liu, when will he catch up with me and kill me?
25 guo2 qie4 si3jie3 duo3, guo2 huan2 nga2 heng2, nga2 die2-lie3 die2-bo3-xi2, nga2 ying1wei3, nga2 ying1wei3 le, guo2 nga2 ya2-bu2zu2-liao3, guo2 nga2 qi3-bu2zu2-liao3,
He hates me all the time, I remember, I remember, because, because he can't keep me under his thumb, he can't control me,
26 ge4, ai1lie1 ang2duo3 lei4 cu1-bo3 hhi2." ai1 jiu1 xing1dong1ngao2-lie1 ba3 gu3-di2 xing2di1-bo3 eng3zou2. xing2di1 ye4-lie3 le, guo2 yi2 guo2 ye1-nie3 eng1di1 xian4-lie3, guo2 huan2 liu3 tuan3zang3 da4 di4, zi1dang2 a di4.
so I'm afraid, that today we must go home." So from Xingdongngao they crossed the mountains back to Xindi. When they got to Xindi, he thought things over for a month, he wanted to be back with Commander Liu, as he needed ammunition.
27 liu3 tuan3zang3 le, guo2 jie3 le guo2 da3-i-ta1, guo2 luo4 qi4 yi2 gao1, song1 yi2 gao1, a2 yi2 gao1 le, guo2 luo4 hui1 gao1, ci1ci1 ha1tai2 hong.
Commander Liu, he called for him, but Tian wouldn't come down. Tian was like that, always asking for this, that and the other; he knew how to manage people, even though he was illiterate.
28 zai2-sang1 zou1, eng1di1 huo2 tuan3tuan3zuan2zuan1, ying1seng3 a, long3sang1, kou2-cai3 dui2wu1, lao1be3xing1, eng1di1 lao1be3xing1 qian1-liao3-di hua1, guo2 jiu1 luo4 ye4-lie3 jiu1 ha3-i-hu3.
In the villages around, throughout Yongshun and Longshan, the troops in these places, the ordinary folk, when the troops plundered them, he would lead his men to attack.
29 ha3-lie3 huan2 ying3, kou2-cai3 duo3 guo2 ying3, cong2 a ti3-liao3, ai1lie1 meng luo4 ya po1la1-liao3. kang2duo1 ge4-nie3 ming3yi2 dao2cu1 duo3 cuan3-liao3, ying1seng3, long3sang1, yi2si1 hao4rou3.
Whenever he fought, he won, wherever he went he won, and he got guns, and more men rallied to him. And so their reputation spread everywhere, and now all of Yongshun and Longshan knew about them.
30 tian3huo3zong1 le, ge4 da4 tian3 jia1ka1, long3sang1 xian2 dang1bu2 su1ji1zang1, guo2 le jiu1 ci1ci1 heng4, cong2 tai2, guo2 le suo4ti3 bao4-ma1 tai2, ka4-ma1 tai2.
Tian Huozhong, a man of the same Tian clan, was Party Secretary in Longshan, he was highly educated, but had no weapons, nor did he have protectors, or bodyguards.
31 ai1lie1 guo2 jiu1 suo1 pai3zang3 bo3 xing2 la1 cuo1 a2, "ni2 gu3-xie2, luo4 la2bie1 dai2-xie2, sang2jing1-nie3 luo4 la2bie1 dai2-xie2, ni2 nga2 da4 ge3 gao1. nga2 ci1ci1 hao4ri3, ni2 qian1gan1zi1 xie2, ai1 bu2si1 ang2 da4 jiu1 gao1-die3hao1, luo4die1 ang2 qia1-ma1 tai2."
So he wrote a letter to No.3 Platoon Leader: "Come up here, bring a few men, bring a few capable men, and we can team up. I'm educated, you have guns, why don't we team up to do things, no one will be able to bully us."
32 a4se3 hao4ri3 ou, a1di1 suo1 pai3zang3-nie3 si1ye3, guo2 guo2 jiu1 tian3huo3zong1 bo3 hui3xing3 la2 cuo1 a2-lie3 le, guo2 guo2 dao2 tian3huo3zong1 luo3, a1nie3 luo3-bo3 a2, dao2 guo2 tian3huo3zong1 ca1huo4, qing3mo1 qing3mo1-nie3.
Well, who would have guessed, that adviser for No.3 Platoon Leader, he wrote a letter back to Tian Huozhong, abusing him, cursing his mother, criticising him, and so forth.
33 tian3huo3zong1 la2 dong2 ba4-lie3, tian3huo3zong1, guo2 me3ke3ce1 wo2tu1, guo2 suo1 pai3zang3 bo3 me3 rang3rang3 ga2, eng1 huo2 me3 rang3rang3 ga2, "ni2 hang2 gao1-bo3, ni2 cai3mo1 cai3mo1 ong3-bo3, nga2 ni2 huan2 zuo2-i!"
Tian Huozhong took one glance, and Tian Huozhong, he was furious with No.3 Platoon Leader, he was so angry: "You behave like this, you sit tight, in the end I will get you!"
34 tian3huo3zong1 jiu1 luo4 za2sai1 pai2-lie3, za2sai1 pa3qie2-lie3, ye2bang1 sang1 geng1 le, ge4 cu1 jiu1 la1di3 (null)-i, ye2luo3sang3 bu1bu3-di2-i.
So Tian Huozhong sent many men, sent many men; at midnight, there will be trouble in his home, he'll be caught at night by a surprise attack.
35 a1di1 suo1 pai3zang3 a zui2 jing1wei1, guo2 zang2gong1 da4ha3-nie3 ai1 wo2tu1 be2 su2, la3yao2 ang, yi3 meng yi3-da2, guo2 ai4duo3, guo2 ai1 wo2tu1, guo2 su2.
That No.3 Platoon Leader, he was so cunning, he knew all about fighting. By nightfall, there was no sign of him, he was familiar with the local area.
36 tian3huo3zong1-nie3 ai1di1 jie2 da1bi1-nie3 luo4, he2lang3 da4 guo2 zuan2zuan1 ha3-bo3 ni1, ngeng2 ni1-zuo3 tai2.
Tian Huozhong's men, so many of them, beat around everywhere looking for him, but they just couldn't find him.
37 guo2 jiu1 ku2li1 die3 lian2cuan1 dong3ga2-lie1, mo3 da4ze3 wo3ta2-bo3 biao1-lu3, biao1-lie3 ka3kei1die3, guo2 ceng3zi3 ka3mong3 ga3 gu3 ti3-liao3,
Then, as quietly as a cat, he escaped through a window and slipped away, quietly, and gained the upper branches of a pomelo tree.
38 ceng3zi3 ka3mong3 ga3 gu3-lie3 le, ceng3zi3 ka3mong3 ga3, eng1ge1 liao1kuo1qi1 ga3 ong3-bo3 mo3 guo2 ba3ti3 cai3mo1 mo3 ba4-bo3-la1.
He climbed up the pomelo tree, the top of a pomelo tree, and sat there near the top, scanning the ground below.
39 ai1di1 tian3huo3zong1-nie3 jie2 da1bi1-nie3 luo4, ge3 ba4, eng1ge1 ba4, ngeng2 ba4-ji2-liao3 wa, huan4-ji2-liao3, ngeng2 ni1-ji2-liao3, ni1-zuo3 tai2, ai1lie1 guo2duo3 zao3.
Tian Huozhong's men, they looked here, there and everywhere, they turned the place upside down, but they found no trace of him, of his hiding-place, and so Tian Huozhong left.
40 tian3huo3zong1-nie3 ai1 jie2 da1bi1-nie3 luo4 zao3-ji2-lu3, eng1di1 sang1 pai3zang3 le jiu1 da3-diu2, ceng3zi3 ka3mong3 ga3-lie1 da3-lie3 cu1 ye4-lie3 le, guo2 jiu1 zong1yi3 xian2-liao3,
When all Tian Houzhong's men were gone, this No.3 Platoon Leader, down he came, from the top of the pomelo tree. He went back home, and finally appeared again.
41 guo2 jian1: "di2xiong1-die1, se2 yi2si1 guo2duo3 guo2duo3 cu1 jie2ri1, nga2 ai1lie1 gao1-bu1hao1-liao3, dang2si2 se2 guo2duo3 guo2duo3 jie2ri1, se2 si3si3ke3ke3 nga2 da4 le, qie4 si3jie3 duo3 nga2 da4, da4, da4 la1 yi3-bo3."
He said: "Brothers, all of you go back home and work in the fields, I'm done for, but you yourselves go and work, you will constantly be with me, all the time, I will see you all."
42 eng1di1 tian3huo3zong1-nie3 eng1di1 jie2 da1bi1-nie3 luo4 le you2 zuo2-bu3ti2 le tian3huo3zong1 bo3 la1 ze2,
Tian Huozhong's men again failed to catch him, and told Tian Huozhong.
43 tian3huo3zong1 o, ye2geng1 me3ga2-liao3: "eng1di1 sang1 pai3zang3, ni2, nga2 guo2 eng1di1 sang1 pai3zang3 suo1 pai3zang3 zuo2-lie3 la3-ta1 le, nga2 tian3huo3zong1 su1ji1zang1 dang1-tao1, xian2 dang1bu2 su1ji1zang1."
Tian Huozhong, he got more and more angry: "This No.3 Platoon Leader, you, if I don't catch No.3 Platoon Leader, I, Tian Huozhong, won't be Secretary any longer, County Party Secretary."
44 guo2 jiu1 seng1jing1 la2 dong2 qing4, seng1jing1 la2 dong2 ni1, ni1-lie3 ni1-duo3liao3, sang1 pai3zang3-nie3 tu3xing3 la2 dong2 hua2-lie3, kuo1ba1 you2 luo3kuan3 da4ze3, la2 dong2 gao1-lie3.
So he sent for the Kuomintang, looked for the Kuomintang, and found them, who drew a sketch of No.3 Platoon Leader, his head was like a wicker basket, they drew him.






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